Out with the old, in with the new! Copy Ninjas has developed an easy-to-use and intuitive Client Portal because we understand the value of your time! You will be connected with the best team of expert copywriters in the field to work on your projects.

  1. Login to the Client Portal.
  2. Click on “+New Project”
  3. Complete the Intake Form because this will give us a full picture of your requirements and expectations. The form will ask you specific questions such as word length and keywords, file type, and other project details. You can provide a template or links to serve as guides if you want us to follow a specific style.

  4. For specific branding assets, you can also upload a high-quality version of the file in the Intake Form. You are 100% responsible for all the materials you will supply us with. We will not be held liable if you provide us with unlicensed asset(s).
  5. After hitting “Submit”, your Project Manager will add the project request to the queue of one of the in-house experts*. If there are clarifications, the Project Manager may contact you for additional information.
  6. You will receive an instant notification on the Client Portal and via email upon completion of the project request.

Need a few things tweaked after we send you the finished project? You have access to unlimited revisions. View the steps here.

*Note: Submitted requests may not be edited. However, if you have details you’d like to add, you can directly message the assigned Project Manager.

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