CopyNinjas’s subscriptions allow you to request unlimited revisions. No extra costs, no questions asked! You may request revisions until you are happy with the delivered content.
All you need is to review the delivered items and provide clear, specific, and objective feedback. Your thoughts and feedback allow us and our team to be on the same page as you. This is extremely valuable for us as this will help our team deliver results that will meet your expectations.
We encourage you to provide comments that are not vague such as “I do not like this copy” or “the content is messed up.” Instead, please consider identifying specific issues about the project output. It will also be helpful to list in bullet points summarized goals for the revisions you are expecting:
  • Prioritize your comments. Starting with the bigger concerns such as the structure, word choice, and quality of the arguments
  • Get to the point and clearly indicate the required changes. You may send a screenshot with sketches or a screen recording to help you express these better.
  • Your assigned writer will give you daily updates, so you are welcome to give prompt feedback. This prevents mistakes and addresses mechanics and stylistic issues.
  • We appreciate you being kind and respectful at all times. Consider structuring your message in a “sandwich” form: start with a positive comment, followed by the corrective feedback, and end it with a positive or appreciative statement
You may chat with your assigned writer using the Message tab if you need to add more details to your revision request. To learn more about this feature, check out this article.
Got questions that were not answered here? We’d love to talk! Get in touch with us by sending an email.