Whenever you submit a project request, you will have to complete an Intake Form. This form is designed to capture your brand requirements and project preferences. It should include specific details to help map out exactly the output you are expecting. Doing so increases the likelihood of receiving an end-product that you will love!

The most essential pieces of information are the following:

  • Content type
  • Goals and objectives for the copy
  • Word count
  • Target audience
  • SEO details
  • Format specifications, and;
  • Branding Voice.

Here are a few things that can help you structure perfect answers for the Intake Form:

        1. Describe your business and industry in bullet form and give us an overview of your vision, mission, core values, and competitors. 
        2. Define the copywriting project’s scope by walking us through:
          • where and how do you plan to use the copy,
          • the required number of words and links,
          • your preferred writing style, tone, and citations, and;
          • if there are existing templates you want our in-house writer to use
        3. If you already have an established Brand Voice, be sure to link it as you complete the Intake Form
        4. Found a sample copy that caught your attention? Send in links or upload examples where you want us to draw inspiration from.
        5. If you have a rough draft or any material that may help, feel free to upload it as part of the Intake Form.




Once the Intake Form is complete, click the Review button to review the summary of your completed form then click Submit and wait for your Project Manager to add this to the queue.

If you need to meet a deadline and have your assigned writer work on this project first, update the queue priority by clicking on the grid area from the Projects and drag and drop it on the first slot. For more information on how this works, click here