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Your Business Needs A Killer Verbal Brand Identity To Boost Sales

We’ve all heard about visual identity in branding. It’s everything your customers and prospects see about your brand – how your logo, color palette and packaging can help you present your brand to its targeted customers. In branding, visual identity tends to get the most attention, but it’s really only half the picture (pun intended!). What do you know about verbal identity for a brand?


What is Verbal Identity?

Verbal identity is your brand in words. It is the distinct and focused language used to make your brand and its marketing relatable to your intended customers. It is the copywriting that reflects who your business is and also supports the goals of a particular marketing vehicle. Your verbal identity includes the voice, tone, story, even grammar, or lack thereof, in some cases.

Just as you would want a visual brand profile, specific to your business, a verbal identity will convey your unique selling proposition through your chosen words.


Verbal Identity helps your brand stand out in a crowd.

Highlighting your brand’s personality through the messaging relayed through your content and copy can carve out a loyal customer base for your business. Customers tend to rely on brands that they find relatable, and one that is able to successfully explain how their products provide solutions to their problems in the way that is easiest for them to understand. This means using jargon, language, and vocabulary specific to the crowd you would like to target.


Verbal Identity, when done right, can help boost your brand’s popularity.

A successful verbal identity reflects a brand’s strong knowledge of the nuances that make up how their target audience talks, reacts, and feels toward certain words, phrases and actions. Together, this will provide a clear structure by which your marketing strategies drive towards the goals of brand awareness that eventually leads to more sales and profit.


Why is having a distinct Verbal Brand Identity important?

A carefully thought-out verbal identity will be an integral part of all your communications with your customers and prospects. Be it through encouraging them to avail of your offerings, or through addressing their concerns or clarifications, the words and phrasing you choose will help establish deep-seated trust and familiarity that will keep them coming back for more.


Need help creating a Verbal Identity that helps your business excel?

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