Human-Tuned AI: Why Your AI Needs A Human Touch

A match made in algorithm heaven.


The rise of the machines has been a hot topic of debate. It’s no longer science fiction; it’s very real and changing the name of the copywriting game.

Humans vs. AI – an epic battle between “good” and “evil”. Sounds a tad dramatic, but that’s how intense the discussion has become. But, is there really something to fight about? Do they pose that much of a threat to (good) copywriters?

Can’t we all just get along?

Plenty fear the powerful bots because of the hype surrounding the unfamiliar. An AI copywriting tool that can create content at the push of a button? A machine with no mental blocks that can write emails, headlines, blogs, and more?

It almost sounds too good to be true. And guess what, it is.

Because as awesome and efficient as AI tools may be, when it comes to creating killer AI-generated content, you don’t want to leave it all to the machines.

Sure, AI can crunch numbers and analyze data faster than a caffeinated cheetah, but it lacks a missing ingredient that only a human can bring to the table. That secret sauce – an elusive x-factor, a certain je ne sais quoi that makes your message pop.

But that’s not to say, we don’t need them.



The “Belle of the Ball”

Artificial Intelligence can become very complicated very quickly so let’s simplify it with this: at its most basic, AI is human intelligence manifested by a machine. Their highlights include the capacity for perception, comprehension, learning, problem-solving, and, to a certain extent, reasoning.

Across various developed markets, AI is already deeply rooted in our everyday lives. In fact, according to a recent report by IBM and DHL, 63% of global consumers aren’t even aware that they’re already using AI-enabled products, services, and apps on a daily basis.

Facebook facial recognition? AI. Alexa or Siri? Also AI.

Over the past few years, these AI tools are also making waves in the world of copywriting. In 2016 the Washington Post started to use their self-made AI technology, named Heliograf, to generate real-time short reports and alerts on the Rio Olympics. The Twitter posts were so convincingly written, no one figured out that it was a machine behind it all.


The Emergence of ChatGPT

We can’t discuss AI without ChatGPT entering the chatroom. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of it.

ChatGPT is a pure AI chatbot that can provide engaging output on any topic under the sun. And because it’s a learning chatbot, it gets smarter with each conversation. It can do things like automate tasks, improve customer service, create marketing campaigns, and even develop new products. All you have to do is simply input a question into the chat window and hit enter.

The best part? It’s FREE to use. For now.


The Copywriter Has Left The Chatroom

Hold up, humans. Don’t leave dejected just yet.

Sure, these AI systems such as ChatGPT, Jasper, or WriteSonic are successfully being used to produce copies that are usually left to people. But this is not a cause for panic, but rather an opportunity to embrace.

With that, let’s dive a little deeper into the pros and cons of using AI in copywriting.



  • Lightning quick speed: Short on time? AI can generate text in the blink of an eye.
  • Consistency: Maintain a consistent tone and style across multiple pieces of content, ensuring that your brand voice remains cohesive.
  • Cheaper: AI-powered copywriting can be more cost-effective than hiring human writers.



  • Lack of creativity: AI may struggle to come up with truly creative or original ideas. Yes you have the speed, but not the spark of human creativity that makes great writing truly shine.
  • Limited emotional intelligence: Let’s face it, machines are still codes so they aren’t the best at picking up on human emotions. This can lead to tone-deaf or awkward content, which can miss the mark big time.
  • Data-dependent: Ah, the blessing and curse combo. While AI is great for churning out data-driven content, going into abstract or subjective topics that require a more nuanced touch may be a challenge.


The Magician Behind The Machine

At the end of the day, the key is to strike a nice balance between the power of AI and the strengths of human creativity. Think of it as a tool to enhance human writing that results in truly exceptional content.

After all, AI-generated output is only going to be as strong as the prompts behind it.

Plus, let’s be real here: humans are pretty darn good at spotting things that an AI might miss. When it comes to detecting nuances in language or images, humans still reign supreme. Human-tuned AI can also make the robotic output more relatable and accessible to your customers. Even the most advanced AI in the world still can’t compete with the awesomeness of a human brain.

So now let’s answer the question everyone is asking: will AI replace copywriters?

Not the good ones.

A kickass copywriter isn’t afraid of algorithms taking over the world. We see it as a tool for helping us be better at our jobs and to continue doing what we already do best: create engaging, authentic content that resonates.

Looking to find the perfect person for the job?

At Copy Ninjas, we believe in combining the power and speed of AI with the elegance and personality of human copywriters. Precision meets creativity, speed meets emotion.

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