Copywriting vs Content Writing: Have You Been Using These Terms Interchangeably?

Remember the time you freely used terms interchangeably, thinking they denote the same meaning? Like crocodile and alligator. Apparently, these terms are different from one another. Crocodiles have V-shaped snouts; alligators, U-shaped. The same semi-aquatic reptile family, but different animals. Well, confusion or misuse will likely arise. After all, the English language is an evolving […]

How to Use Powerful Lead Magnets That Really Attract Customers

You tried doing a lead magnet, but it bombed? Are you struggling to generate leads? Well, fate brought you here (or else Google did), so you’re about to read our favorite key insights about creating compelling lead magnets. But first… What is a lead magnet? A lead magnet is any attractive and valuable resource that […]

Why is your Content Strategy a Failure (& What Can You Do about it)

If you’re like most people, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the amount of content available right now. You have difficulty distinguishing between what is and is not useful to your business. This is where a good content strategy comes into play. It assists you in defining your brand’s identity, goals, and how to achieve them […]

3 Simple Content Marketing Practices That Will Save You Money

Mistakes cost money, and when you’re the one making the mistake, the bill is on you. Why not learn from other people so you don’t make the same mistakes they did back when they didn’t know any better? Here are a few basic things you can do to avoid wasting money unnecessarily when doing content […]

Daily Update & Delivery Time For Copywriting

Related Categories Here at CopyNinjas, we provide a Daily Update on your active copywriting projects or revisions on the next business day.   Project completion will depend on its complexity, size, and research requirements. You can expect 500-1000 completed words per day, depending on your subscription plan. So a project may be delivered within 48 […]