4 Copywriting Formulas For When You’re Stuck in a Creative Rut

Captivating your target audience through strategic copywriting methods.

We’ve all been there — staring at a blank document on the screen, wondering how to start writing about the same products and services without repeating ourselves. Well, rather than reinvent the wheel, let’s leverage four tried and tested copywriting formulas to help us create compelling copy every time.

You may already know about AIDA, and maybe even PAS, two of the most common copywriting formulas. But, they’re not your only choices! Copywriters have used ACCA, KISS, Fan Dancer, and Inverted Triangle to structure their writing for years. And don’t worry about sounding repetitive or unoriginal — they just provide a framework to organize our thoughts and present information clearly while leading your audience on a journey towards conversion. You can still inject your creativity and style into the copy while following these formulas. So, let’s get right to it.


The ACCA Formula

ACCA stands for Attention, Comprehension, Conviction, Action. Just like AIDA, it starts by grabbing the reader’s Attention to engage them with the copy. Then, it taps the reader’s Comprehension to make sure they understand the message clearly.

Next, it builds Conviction by presenting compelling arguments or evidence before prompting the reader to do a specific Action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

The best thing about the ACCA formula is that it guides your readers step-by-step throughout the copy and culminates in a clear call to action. As a result, each piece of content contributes to boosting conversions.

ACCA is perfect for sales content, email campaigns, and web pages that need a strong call-to-action. One major challenge, though, would be in maintaining readers’ interest all the way to the end.


The KISS Formula

Simplicity is the soul of wit, and in copywriting, it’s the key to effectiveness. KISS, or Keep It Simple, Stupid, encourages copywriters to keep their messaging concise and straightforward. With this formula, you’re making it easier for readers to understand and engage with your copy, removing unnecessary or irrelevant information and streamlining the copy.

KISS is great for targeting a wide audience or conveying information that should be quickly grasped. However, there’s the danger of keeping things too simplistic that you leave out important details.

Another risk is that the copy becomes too drab and loses its impact. So, when using the KISS formula, make sure to find the right mix of conciseness and providing context so that your copy remains impactful and informative.

KISS is particularly effective for advertisements, social media posts, and headlines where you must capture attention and deliver a clear message with limited context.


The Fan Dancer Formula

If you want a formula that adds a touch of intrigue and suspense to your copywriting, the Fan Dancer approach is worth considering. It involves revealing information layer by layer, just like a fan dancer who teases the audience by slowly unveiling their movements.

Through this formula, you build curiosity and anticipation to keep readers engaged and eager to finish your content. It’s great for sharing brand stories and product launches.

Just be careful not to drag it out for too long and risk losing your audience’s interest. You also need to determine which aspects of your brand or product you want to reveal through the Fan Dancer formula, as it works best when there is a sense of anticipation and surprise.


The Inverted Triangle Formula

Lastly, we have the Inverted Triangle formula, which delivers important information upfront. With this approach, you open your content with the most significant and attention-grabbing details. Then, the copy gradually moves toward the finer points.

The inverted triangle has long been recognized as an effective way to structure news articles, press releases and journalistic writing. It tells readers the most important information first, capturing their attention and giving them a reason to continue reading.

It’s also been prevalent with the rise of short-form videos, like reels and shorts. Have you ever noticed how they often start with a captivating scene or hook? That’s the inverted triangle formula in action — and you should leverage it to create engaging and attention-grabbing content.

A major challenge with the inverted triangle technique is that you may risk losing the reader’s interest if the subsequent details are not as compelling as the initial information. Additionally, you may get carried away and overwhelm the reader with too many details. It’s important to determine which details are helpful for providing context and which ones you can leave out.


Turning Words into Impact

Choosing the right formula can make your content stand out or blend in. ACCA, KISS, Fan Dancer, and Inverted Triangle are powerful tools to get your message out there. They help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

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