Your Business Needs A Killer Verbal Brand Identity To Boost Sales

We’ve all heard about visual identity in branding. It’s everything your customers and prospects see about your brand – how your logo, color palette and packaging can help you present your brand to its targeted customers. In branding, visual identity tends to get the most attention, but it’s really only half the picture (pun intended!). […]

Discover the Advantages of Outsourcing Your Content Creation

There’s never been a better time to boost your copywriting output!   Creating informative, entertaining, and engaging content is critical for attracting and retaining customers. It has the potential to persuade, educate, and entertain your readers, resulting in increased revenue and brand growth. However, with the daily demands of content creation, staying on top of […]

Top 15 Ways to Make High Quality, Engaging Content

Okay, so you’re ready to write some content. But before you can begin creating your masterpiece, there are a few things that we need to cover so that you’re sure to meet your goals, whether that’s to build your audience, get more customers, or position yourself as an expert. Your content has to serve a […]

Perfecting Your AI Output: Editing Strategies for ChatGPT and Other AI Writing Tools

5 Effective Human-Tuning Techniques to Enhance Clarity, Relevance, and Impact Welcome to the future, ladies and gentlemen! The era of AI has disrupted the landscape of content creation, and businesses realize the immense potential of AI-generated copy to captivate their audience. As language models become increasingly sophisticated and widely available, companies seek innovative solutions to […]

How to Use Hot Hashtags to Boost Your Social Strategy (part 2)

It’s back – that wee li’l fellow that can push your social media marketing a bit further: the hashtag. Let’s just refresh a bit…   What you’ve learned so far Here are a few things about hashtags discussed in part 1 of this article: Hashtags are words or phrases with a “#” in front. A […]

How to Use Hot Hashtags to Boost Your Social Strategy (part 1)

A hashtag is a small but mighty creature. Born in Twitter in 2007, hashtags are now everywhere. Some thought they’re just frills, but now you know better: Hashtags can expand your reach and boost your bottom line.  So how do you get the most out of hashtags in your social media marketing? Read on for […]

How To Crush Your Next PowerPoint Presentation

Where To Grab And Professionally Customize Presentation Templates We’ve all sat through *those* presentations: slides full of solid text, with no engaging visual elements in sight. Whether you’re building a presentation for your team or pitching to potential investors and business clients, there’s nothing more deflating than seeing them dazed, confused, or zoning out. “Death […]

Add Emojis to the Subject Line of Infusionsoft Emails In 4 Easy Steps

Much as we like to think we’re complex being, when it comes down to it, we human beings are pretty simple much of the time. We follow shiny objects. Things that are different. Things that stand out and catch our attention. And yes, this includes emojis. Since the late 1990’s, we’ve gotten more and more […]

Copywriting vs Content Writing: Have You Been Using These Terms Interchangeably?

Remember the time you freely used terms interchangeably, thinking they denote the same meaning? Like crocodile and alligator. Apparently, these terms are different from one another. Crocodiles have V-shaped snouts; alligators, U-shaped. The same semi-aquatic reptile family, but different animals. Well, confusion or misuse will likely arise. After all, the English language is an evolving […]